Is Social Media Management something you should consider?


Well, let’s look at the stats.

Worldwide Stats 2016:

  •           Facebook - 1.79 billion monthly
  •          Twitter users – 317 million
  •          Instagram users  – 500 million

SA Social Media Stats 2016:

  •          13 million Facebook users
  •          7.4 million Twitter users
  •          2.68 million Instagram users


With the majority of consumers accessing their social media accounts multiple times daily, it would only make sense to use this as a major marketing tool.


What does good Social Media Management enable you to do?


Understand your audience

With the assistance of various analytics tools you can find out exactly what your client/guest demographics look like.  This will enable you to tailor any social media management plan to speak to them directly and in turn increase your sales conversion rate.


Reach a new audience locally & globally

Hashtags make it possible for us to research into what people are getting excited about.  You can use this to your advantage by engaging with these people and offering them what.


Gain Market Share

Companies not investing in a good social media marketing strategy are less visible than competitors who are active on various social media platforms.  By using social media channels properly you are making it much easier for potential customers to find you.

Social media channels can become your greatest marketing tool if utilized properly.  All you need is a clear plan of action and to follow some simple guidelines to unlock a world of possibility.


By Rebecca Potgieter 2017 – Social Media Specialist