- Launching virtual card payment system

Online payment: It’s about to get a whole lot easier for guests to book with you  

Guests have been telling us for a while that they want to be able to pay differently – some just want to pay at the same time they book, while others want (or need) an alternative option like PayPal.  

From next week, will be able to provide these services for guests at some of your properties. (You’ll find a list of these properties, and a further explanation below.)  

This means you’ll occasionally receive bookings with virtual credit card details attached. Payment is guaranteed, and you can charge this virtual card according to the date in the confirmation email. For non-refundable reservations, this is the same day, while for other reservations it is usually the date of check-in.  

You won’t notice much of a change to the payment process, but your future guests will certainly see a difference!  


How will it work?  


What is a virtual credit card?  

A virtual credit card is actually just a digital version of a MasterCard. You’ll receive the details with the reservation, just as you normally would, and can charge the card the same way you’d remotely charge any other card.  

The virtual credit card can be charged as of the date included in the booking confirmation, and we’ll take care of modifications or refunds so there’s no hassle on your side. For more details on the specifics, please take a look at our FAQs.  

What if the guest cancels or changes their reservation?  

If your guest cancels their reservation, you’ll be able to charge the cancellation fee right away. The same goes for no-shows. And the payment is always guaranteed.  

What do I do if I want to make an exception and refund the guest?  

You are in total control of who you refund. If you would like to refund a guest and you haven’t yet charged the virtual credit card, you don’t need to do anything. If you have already taken payment, simply refund the virtual credit card and we will organise the rest.  

Why are only some properties invited to use the online payment feature?  

We are rapidly opening this feature up to more and more partners, however we still have certain requirements to make sure it works for your property. 

Your property needs to have a credit card terminal that accepts MasterCard. 

All your cancellation policies need to be ‘self-managed’ (this means you can set them up yourself from your extranet). 

The country your property is located in needs to be amongst those we can provide the feature in (we are adding new countries on a regular basis). 

Find out more about online payments and virtual credit cards in our FAQ section. 

If you decide you don’t like receiving reservations with online payment, you can opt out at any time in the extranet. However, please be aware that you would no longer receive these additional reservations.  

Depending which type of extranet each property uses, you can opt out either:  

  • in the ‘Property details’ tab under ‘Settings’  
  • in the ‘Property info’ tab under ‘Payment and cancellation policies’