Good and Bad graphic design


Don’t Forget To Kern

Kerning is the adjustment of space between characters. The space between each letter is visually even to make for a neat and orderly piece of text 

Don’t Disregard Readability/Legibility

Just because it looks good, doesn’t always mean it communicates well. Do not over use capital letters. Treat your type with care! 

Always Design For Your Audience 

Every design has an intended audience, the people that will be viewing the design and receiving the communication, so it makes sense to keep them in mind. 

Have A Logical Colour Palette

Colour is a powerful tool for designers, so it makes sense that a carefully arranged and consistent palette would be an important step in all design endeavours.

Never Use Display Fonts For Body Copy

Using a display font for body copy is a bit like wearing a wedding dress to the mall – it’s not the right time or place, it can be confusing for others and it just isn’t a very smart move. Display fonts are better suited to smaller areas of text, rather than body copy.  

Never Stretch Type 

Most of the time fonts are built with care and attention to the shapes and proportions of each letterform, so to distort this by stretching it can just take away from the effectiveness of the font. 


By Courtney Koks 2017 – Graphic Designer