Pros of using a Channel Manager


OTAs are online companies whose websites allow consumers to book various travel related services directly via the internet. They are 3rd party agents reselling accommodation, trip packages, cars, flights etc. provided by others. In this article, we highlight the pros of introducing a channel manager to your property.


#1 Admin Advantages

Being able to manage rates, specials and availability from one place saves time from having to update your multiple extranets and decrease human errors related to these actions. When you make changes in a Channel Manager, it automatically updates information on all other extranets your property is linked to.


# 2 Increased Availability

Before Channel Managers were introduced, properties would have to allocate their inventory across different OTAs (2 for, 2 for Expedia, 5 for Agoda etc.) risking the loss of opportunity to sell their rooms. With the integrated technology of a Channel Manager, you are able to sell all your rooms on different OTAs simultaneously, multiplying your opportunities to sell your rooms across these platforms.


#3 Encourages Direct Bookings

OTAs have revolutionised business and provides a diverse sales network for properties, however, direct bookings mean you eliminate the commission paid to these sites every time you get a booking on their platform.

By having a Channel Manager and linking it to your website and social media, you can increase direct bookings, and having that real-time availability and prices makes it a breeze for clients to plan their holiday.

We love Channel Managers. The automation allows you to be visible with updated information at all times, so you are bookable for any guest, at any time, booking from anywhere, without your investment of time to achieve it.


By Genevieve Viljoen 2018 – Social Media Assistant