What creates an emotional response on Social Media?


Firstly, you will need a plan of action. You need to know what type of content you will be posting.Below are a few ideas.


Show you care:

  • A business needs to let the public know that they are concerned about what is happening their area/country. In the Western Cape we are experiencing a drought – you need to show the public/followers that you are concerned by informing them how you, as a business, are saving water and even give tips on how to save water. You can utilize social media to build a following for your corporate social responsibility
  • Earlier this year, we had all the terrible fires around the Western Cape and there were numerous posts about them. Share one of these posts
  • This shouldn’t be taking over all your Social Media platforms, one or two posts would be enough
  • Remember: your followers/possible client wants to know that you are concerned about what affects them directly


Show you have personality:

  • Who doesn’t love a good joke? Keep it clean
  • Followers on Social Media are more likely to respond to and share a joke, therefore your reach would be that much more


Good quality images and video:

  • The age old saying “A picture paints a thousand words” is still very true! People want to see good quality images. Images are more likely to get a response and be shared than plain text
  • People, in general, would rather look at a nice picture than read
  • Video content on Facebook gets on average 135% more organic reach – why wouldn’t you be sharing video…
  • There’s around 8 billion videos uploaded to Facebook daily. That number speaks volumes within itself. Take a short video of what you do, what your business has to offer – the return will be well worth the effort


Something else to consider…

People not only respond to images and videos, they love lists and infographics! They are easy to read and understand, and therefore more likely to create a positive response through sharing.

In conclusion: people want convenience. It is a fast paced world where posts are quickly scanned and volumes of text discarded. Text is important, but it needs to be short. Create a plan and stick with it, but remain flexible in your approach.

By Rebecca Potgieter 2017 – Social Media Specialist