What is OTA Management?

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OTA means Online Travel Agent – your online booking channels essentially. Platforms which gives the customer instant booking ability.

A hospitality establishment has many online booking sites to choose from to distribute their availability and reach potential customers.

Each booking site invests in marketing their platform to the end customer. This helps a property to maximise on the channels available.

This can be very challenging to manage and keep on top of potential opportunities the sites are promoting and ensuring your establishment profile is relevant.

Majority of properties focus on the big sites such as Booking.com and Expedia because they produce the bulk of production and its easier just to focus on them. But there is much more to look at in terms of exposure and additional production.

Overall production can come from multiple channels – each booking counts. The bigger sites remaining as the top producer however many local sites can also generate bookings and give the property additional exposure.

Customers shop around more and with the current technology, they have access to information.

OTA Management is constant and tedious at times but the results in using the various platforms strategically is key.

Linking up with a channel manager such as Nightsbridge opens up a property’s distribution. The establishment can link up to the main producing international sites and many local listings. The important aspect, will be not to only set up the profiles and leave them, you must engage with the listing partners and participate and distribute strategic offers relevant to your property and the time of year you are selling.

As part of our Proactive services this is a focus point for us. Our dedicated OTA team manages this function for our clients. Dealing with keeping the listings relevant and up to date, handling support issues should any arise with any of the listings. The most rewarding part for us is seeing the changes we have implemented and the production resulting from the teams effort.